12 FEB 2017

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February 12, 2017


       This Sunday, we will continue the theme, “Sharing the Light of Jesus Christ” as we consider what it means when we say, “We are Holy.”  I invite you to read Matthew 5:21-37 prior to worship on Sunday.

      I think that holiness is misunderstood by some people.  For some Christians, holiness is the work that they do so that they might live a more moral life.  For some persons in our society, holiness is something that they cannot conceive to be possible in their life so they give up in frustration.  But holiness is not what we do, holiness is what God does in and for us.  We are holy because God has set us apart as God’s people.  Considering that we have been set apart by God, how do we respond to others? 

      So, as you read what Jesus says in Sunday’s Scripture about murder and anger, adultery and lust, divorce and remarriage, swearing and the integrity of one’s word, listen to what Jesus is saying about those who would become part of God’s Kingdom.  I invite you to not read this passage to discover more areas of your life that you must work to be more perfect.  I invite you to not become discouraged because you think that it is impossible for you to control your anger, your lust, or your vocabulary.  I invite you to not become discouraged because of the decisions you have made in your past that cannot be undone.  Listen to what Jesus is telling his followers and see if perhaps there is another way to understand his teachings in these areas of morality and our inner life.

      As you come to worship, please pray that God will be present with you and that God’s spirit will be present for others so that someone will find the abundant life that God through Jesus Christ wishes for all. 


       At the close of worship last Sunday, I asked you to leave the sanctuary quietly so that those who wished to pray at the altar rail could continue praying without distraction.  I want to thank you for the manner in which you left quietly.  Your exit from the sanctuary allowed those praying to be able to do so without distraction.  Thank you.

      I want to thank those who stayed to be available to help.  When we relate with God, we get a family.  I deeply appreciate those who were there to help, if needed.

      At least two changed lives and futures came out of Sunday’s worship.  One person had not been home for the last four and one/half years.  He called his mother seeking reconciliation.  He is now home with his family.  He told me that he will look for a job and get back involved in his church and invite his family to come with him.  Without you, this may never have happened.

      Another person came into our church carrying a heavy burden.  Because of the love and support that she received from our church on Sunday.  Because of the love that she received from God during worship.  And because of your generosity in supporting our Helping Hands Ministry, her family has taken several steps toward a better tomorrow.  Without you, this may never have happened.

      These persons came last Sunday to worship because someone in our church invited them.  Your invitation can change lives and change futures.  Who will you invite to worship this Sunday?  Please pray that God will be present as we worship.


      Our Groundhog Dinner committee met to evaluate our 2017 Groundhog Dinner.  We were very pleased with how everything went and for all the great work that went into making it a great event.  We have highlighted some areas for improvement so I expect next year’s Groundhog Dinner to be even better.  If you have some ideas for improvement, please share them with Holly Rice or me.

      We believe that we served about 1,500 persons.  This is an increase in the number of people we served compared to last year.  As of 2/7/17, our income from the Dinner was $17,465.75.  This compares to $14,405.00 in income as of the same date last year.  Our expenses this year (with most of the expenses already turned in) was $7,113.09.  This compares with expenses last year of $9,887.40.  So far, our profit is $10,352.66.  This compares with a profit last year of $9,398.60.  We may have some other minor expenses but most of our expenses have already been turned in.  We will have more income.  If you still have ticket money, please turn it in soon.  We still have a little bit of sausage left to sell.  If you want some sausage, please hurry.

      The difference in profit this year can be attributed to those who sold a lot of tickets.  Those who were involved in securing the sausage helped us keep our original recipe, improve the consistency of the sausage and lower the cost.  Those who cut up the sausage made the task easier and saved us funds from having to put it in patties.  We had more auction items given this year.  I am so grateful for those who for weeks worked hard prior to our Groundhog Dinner to make it successful and for all of you who that day worked so hard to make the experience for everyone great.  Thank you.


      We will be starting a Confirmation Class for youth in 5th through 8th Grade on Sunday, February 12th at 4:00 pm.  We will meet in the Fellowship Hall.  If you know of any youth in our church in 5th through 8th Grade, please invite them to join us on February 12th.

      I have our Confirmation Class meeting at 4:00 pm on Sundays because I plan on continuing to meet at 4:00 pm when Confirmation Class ends so we can form a pre-youth group.  If you would like to work with Junior High youth, please talk to me.

      We are trying to get our Senior High youth to engage in activities.  It is my hope that we will be able to move to a 6:00 pm Youth Group soon.  If you would like to work with Senior High Youth, please talk to me.

      Our church will not be able to grow until we can offer quality ministry to persons of all ages.  This is just another step in that direction.


      We will be starting a Young Adult Sunday School on Sunday, March 1, 2017 at 9:30 am.  We will meet in the Church Office.  If you know any college students or young adults, please invite them to join us.


      Our District is offering training for those persons serving on the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, Board of Trustees, Committee on Finance and Church Council.  There is also training for those who want to lead our church in discipleship.  This training will be on Sunday, February 19 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at St. Luke’s UMC in OKC.

            If you would like to attend, please let me know so I can reserve a spot for you.  This training is not only available for those who are presently serving but also for those who might be interested in serving in these areas in the future.