20 NOV 2016

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Posted by admin on November 18, 2016



 Christ the King Sunday

       This Sunday will be the last Sunday in the Church Calendar Year.  As the Church Season of Pentecost ends, it ends with the proclamation that Jesus Christ is King.  Christ the King Sunday began in 1925 when Pope Pius XI instituted the Feast of Christ the King.  He felt the need to call Roman Catholics and other Christians to reclaim the first Century Christians’ proclamation that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the King of Kings who would deliver God’s people.  Pope Pius XI was concerned with the rise of dictators in Europe and the support that some church leaders and many Christians were giving to them.  He was concerned at the change in attitude that he saw in the world as people were turning toward the government as the solution for society’s problems and turning away from the Church because they saw little to no evidence that the Church had any authority or ability to change society.  For many, the Church was a relic of the past and no longer relevant to the present.  Since 1925, Christians from many traditions have joined in this celebration because they have witnessed what Pope Pius XI saw as a troubling trend in our world.

      Fifty years ago, almost 70% of our country was connected to a church.  Today, that percentage is closer to 30%.  In parts of our country, only 5% of the population relates to a church.  Many younger adults believe that churches offer no hope for a better tomorrow.  They see no evidence that many churches are making any difference.  They are looking for something that will make their life better and help the society around them find healing and peace. 

      Has God gone on vacation?  Is God no longer interested or active in our world?  If God is present and active, can God be found in the church or seen working through the church’s ministries?  Where can our society turn to find healing?  Who will bring justice to the powers of our society which seem to care only for their interests?  Does God no longer hear the cries of the oppressed?  Is God no longer in the business of liberating those in bondage?  Have God’s people given up their commission to be followers of Christ?

      This Sunday, we will take another look at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  I will share events out my life and ministry when I felt that I was facing my darkest hours, my greatest challenges.  I was doubting that I had a future.  I was asking, “Where Is God?” 

      It is my hope you will find this Sunday’s service uplifting and full of hope for a better tomorrow.  On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, I hope to help us to not just be thankful for the blessings of our past.  I hope that we will with gratitude thank God for what is doing and will do in the future.  God has not abandoned our world.  Christ is King!