26 MARCH 2017

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March 24, 2017


       This Sunday at the beginning of our worship, Connie Johnson, the chairperson of our Staff/Parish Relations Committee, will be announcing who our next pastor will be.  Our new pastor’s first Sunday will be Sunday, June 11th. 

      Sunday, April 23rd will be my last Sunday at Guthrie, First.  Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Rockford Johnson will be preaching on Sunday, April 30th.  Rev. Derek Belase, our Conference Director of Discipleship, will be preaching on Sunday, June 4th.  On the Sundays between April 30th and June 4th, Rev. Bob Younts will be preaching.  Rev. Younts will be serving as a part-time interim.  He will be responsible for the coordination of worship and pastoral care.  He will be in Guthrie on Sunday and he will have office hours one other day each week.  Rev. Younts will be available for any pastoral emergencies.  Rev. Younts retired at the last Annual Conference after many years of successful ministry.  I think that you will enjoy his time with you.


       I hope that each of you will be present for worship on Sunday and stay after worship for our monthly Fellowship Dinner.  Orval and Judith Balsiger’s team will be serving as our hosts.  The Davenports are preparing the pork and chicken for our meal.  The food will be great.  The fellowship even greater.  I hope you will plan to join us.


       This Sunday we will be receiving one of the United Methodist Church’s Special Offerings.  The offering used to be call, “One Great Hour of Sharing.”  It now is called “UMCOR Sunday.”

      UMCOR stands for the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  UMCOR is present when a disaster strikes.  What sets UMCOR apart from other relief agencies is that we stay until those people affected by the disaster are helped.  It is not uncommon for UMCOR to be on the disaster site months after most other relief agencies have left.

      The UMCOR Sunday offering supports the administrative expenses for UMCOR’s relief efforts.  Because these administrative expenses are covered, 100% of your gift to special appeals when a disaster strikes goes to the needs of those affected by the disaster.  There are no overhead expenses paid by your offerings to UMCOR’s appeals.

      I hope that you will consider supporting UMCOR this Sunday with an offering.  Special Offering envelops will be in the bulletin.  UMCOR makes a great difference in people’s lives when disaster strikes.