Passionate Worship

At Guthrie First United Methodist, we worship with an expectancy and anticipation of a God that is present with us as we worship.  We believe that God desires to be in connection with us personally and collectively. We share in the belief that each of us hold a personal desire and hunger to be in connection with God; therefore we gather with an ardent spirit to seek out and connect with God so that our lives may be transformed, washed clean by God’s unending grace and sent into the world with our hearts set on fire!.

Passionate Worship should lead to Passionate Living.  Passionate Worship comes in various forms.  It is not about the worship style, types or numbers of hymns or songs of praised or liturgy used.  Passionate Worship helps us to break through the barriers of this world and connect us with God and in so doing, cleanses and restores our souls, giving us the strength, energy and desire to move out of worship and back into the world in which we live.

Traditional / Blended Styled Worship

  • 10:30 am – Sunday Morning

New Beginnings Worship

  • 6:300 pm – meets in Chapel (east doors) – Non-Traditional Style

Singing is easy.  Praying is easy.  The question is, when the going gets tough, do we still hear the songs in our hearts and do we keep praying?  Will we be distracted or discouraged from our cause when the flood waters go over our heads or the wild fires in life consume all that we have, or our body fails.  Will the fireworks of our excited hearts result in a momentary spark that quickly fizzles out living us in dark places?  (paraphrased from Matt Redman, worship leader and song writer).

Passionate Worship is about Passionate living with God as part of a Passionate Relationship with God in each and every moment of life to include times of great joy or times of heart breaking loss and everywhere in between.  We invite all who wish to experience a passionate relationship with God as offered through Jesus Christ, join us for Passionate Worship every week!

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