Connecting People with God and Neighbor

Connection is at the heart of the Christian life.  “Connecting People with God and Neighbor” is our mission statement and the guiding vision of our church life.

We believe that as our hearts and souls are restored and nourished through God’s unconditional and never changing Love and Grace, that there begins to grow from within our own hearts, a desire to respond to what God has done and is doing in our own lives to such an extent that we desire to share this same sense of joy, hope and peace with others in hopes that they too discover what God intended for their life.

We recognize that people are created with minds, bodies and souls.  As such we are created to be in community with others in ways that lift each other up and bring out the best in one another.  Christ calls us to share the “whole” gospel for the “whole” person with the “whole” church and the “whole” community.  We seek to meet both spiritual and physical needs throughout our church and our community.

From hosting ministries such as our Holistic Health, and Boy and Girl Scouts, we believe that we can support already established ministries impacting the life of Guthrie.  In partnering with Central Elementary School, we believe that education is key to live a life of flourishing.  Through apportioned giving and volunteering at our connectional ministries in the Oklahoma Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, we join with United Methodist Churches across the state to uphold various justice and mission organizations.  Finally, through annual mission trips and monthly service opportunities, we engage in hands on mission in Guthrie, throughout our state, and all over our country.